Setting Up Photoshop CC

When first opening Photoshop CC, you’ll see a blank screen. This is where you’ll work with your documents.

On the left side of the screen you’ll find the toolbar. The tools allow you to interact with your document.

Along the top is the Options bar, which changes depending on which tool you’ve selected.

With the Move tool selected, make sure the “Auto-Select” and “Show Transform Controls” have been checked. Also choose “Layer” from the dropdown box. This will allow you to directly select any layered items on a document.

 In the top menu, go to Photoshop (Mac) or Edit (PC) >Preferences >Tools. Check the “Zoom with Scroll Wheel” box. Click OK.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a list of palettes. The Layers palette is the palette you'll work with most when doing scrapbook layouts. To open this palette, go to Window >Layers. If it comes in as a floating window, click on the word Layers and drag it to the far right edge of your screen until you see a vertical blue bar. This will allow you to dock your Layers palette in the right-hand docking space.

More instruction on setting up your workspace can be found in my Digital 1: We've Just Begun! course.

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