Downloading & Installing Brushes

Click on the course materials link in the lesson to download your files.

In Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows), locate your Downloads folder. Unzip the course materials folder.

To unzip:

  • In Windows: Double-click on the file and then choose Extract All from the menu bar. Choose a location for the files (I usually choose the same folder where the Zip file is located). Click OK.
  • In Mac: Double-click on the file in the place you've downloaded it. It will automatically unzip to the same location as the Zip file.

Open Photoshop Elements.

With your document open, select the Brush Tool in the Toolbar. make sure the Brush Tool has been selected in the Tool Options.

In the Tool Options, click on the Brush selector.

 In the menu, choose Preset Manager.

Choose Append.

Navigate to the location where your brushes are kept, select your brush, and choose Open/Load. Your brush will be added to the bottom of the brush list.

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