Welcome Letter from Jessica

What You Can Expect

I recognize that taking any online class or participating in any community is a risk at some level. You register, not knowing what to expect, whether the material will be right for you, or relevant, or that you aren't left behind, or miss something inadvertently. Everybody feels that. I hope that the following will help you get familiar with me, the classes, and with the community here. The classes here at JessicaSprague are unique in several ways.

Permanent Access. ALL of the course material, including downloads, links and videos, are available to you FOREVER right here. No worries, no material disappearing after a certain time.

Help From Mentors. I've hand-picked a group of Mentors - volunteer members of the JessicaSprague community who have committed to more formal tutoring for any class member who requests it. Just post in the forum or send me an email and you'll be paired with a friendly and helpful Mentor for extra Q&A, chats, even phone calls if you need it, all for free, because we love you. (And learning this stuff can be hard sometimes)

At the bottom of each lesson is a Disqus board. All of our forums are monitored by myself and the Mentors, as well as experienced community members ready to answer your questions as you work through the material. Use the class boards to ask class-related questions, then jump over to the General message board and participate in the ongoing discussions there.

Galleries. We love to see your work! You can post in our private class gallery (as applicable), the General gallery (which is public), your blog, Facebook, anywhere! Shout it loud and proud! Please feel free to tag me or JessicaSprague.com on Facebook so we can take a look.

Commitment. I consider this site and these classes to be much more than a money-for-goods transaction. This isn't about making a sale, but gaining another member of our community. As such, we're dedicated to supporting you as you achieve your goals. I've built a team and a community with that same level of dedication, and I invite you to dive in, participate, join the fun, and start the journey.

Sometimes things go wrong. We are using remote technology to learn about technology. The number of pieces that have to align just right (not to mention the varied computers, operating systems, versions of software, internet connections, or prevailing winds) in order to bring off an experience like this is pretty staggering. There are things that go awry. I hope that you can be patient and accepting of this process (in yourself, in your fellow class participants, and in me and my team), and find the ability to focus on what we're here for: building the skills to beautify our surroundings, deepen our relationships with the people who matter to us, and tell the stories of our lives.

So to sum up: Please Remember..
Be nice. Kindness and courtesy are important everywhere, but never more so than online, when all that can be seen are the words you type. Be nice! Be respectful. Everyone here is taking a risk. Putting themselves out there to learn brand-new things. For this, they deserve your respect.
Be supportive. Everyone LOVES a comment in the gallery, an encouragement, or a pat on the back for their efforts. Supporting others is a great way to gain Karma points* (Karma points not measured, but you may keep a running tally and reward yourself in any denomination, including cookies.)
Keep calm. If you are confused, or panicked, or need a helping hand to get through an issue, create a support ticket, post in the forum, or send me an email. Be as descriptive as you can (operating system, software version, any messages you see).
Just ask. I worked super hard on this stuff. The materials, techniques, methodology, downloads, images, and designs in this class are copyrighted and for personal use only except where expressly stated. By continuing with this class, you agree not to sell, re-teach, redistribute, mangle, or throw tomatoes (or other fruit/vegetable) at this material.
Don't share your login. If you want to use something for something, especially if it's a good cause, don't hesitate to email. I like good causes.
And lastly, I am a real person. Feelings, thoughts, toothbrush, all that. For better or worse, that's what you get.

I promise you my best effort and all my hopes for your success here in our class, and in all that you do.


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